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Lent begins Wednesday, Feb. 14.

When we began talking about a theme for the 2018 Lenten devotions, one member of our team suggested charity. At Habitat for Humanity, we often avoid talking about our efforts as charity because we do not want to further a common misconception that we give away houses. Rather, we involve people in creating their own housing solutions.

However, in the Bible, charity is nearly always equated with love — the “agape” kind of love that calls us to act selflessly for the well-being of others. In fact, different translations of the popular passage from 1 Corinthians 13 interchange the words “charity” and “love.” The seven devotions in this collection — designed so that you can use one for each week of Lent — all focus on ways we can be more mindful of sharing God’s amazing love during the days leading up to Easter.

Our prayer is that you will use these devotions as you seek to grow closer to God during this season. We also urge that, instead of giving up something for Lent, you concentrate on positive actions you can take to deepen your relationship with God as you reach out to others.

God’s Greatest Gift

By John Powell

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Simple Ways to Offer Hope

By Sherry Eiler

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I Really Do See You

By David A. Wilson

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Sharing Generously

By Dena Jackson

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The Miraculous Power of God's Love

By Dianne Hall

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Serving In Ways You Might Not Have Imagined

By Lisa Marie Nickerson

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Someday We Will Live in Peace

By Kate Ward

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