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Linzi has volunteered with Habitat in a variety of ways; from giving 4 hours a week to Habitat ReStore, leading Youth Build teams to Romania, being a regular giver and helping out at Habitat NI events. Read about her experience here:

undefinedWhy did you sign up to volunteer in Habitat? 

I knew a lot about Habitat before I volunteered, and I loved that it is a Christian organisation which focuses on putting God’s love into action. So when I heard about a global volunteering opportunity through my church, I was eager to get involved.

How long have you been a volunteer? 

Around 3 years now!

What motivates you to keep supporting Habitat?

I have come to a time in my life where I want to focus my efforts on supporting one charity that means a lot to me, and I feel that Habitat’s ethos is such a good fit for me.

What skills, qualities or experience do you bring to Habitat?

I’m very much a people person, and as a teacher I have a lot of experience working with young people. This means I was well suited to volunteer my time as a Youth Build leader, and means I can help both customers and fellow volunteers in ReStore.

What’s your favourite task in ReStore?

Clearing out the warehouse. It’s so great to see the difference you can make in just 4 hours!

Share one thing you’ve learned throughout your entire Habitat experience.

The value that homes have to people. It isn’t just a roof over your head. It’s a place for children to study, parents to work and a family to grow. It’s the start of everything, and it’s so important.

What has surprised you about working in ReStore?

The great variety of tasks I am asked to complete. Just because I’m a woman, I’m not stuck behind the till. I’m given tasks that I want to do, and taught how to do new things.

What’s been your Habitat highlight so far?

Getting the opportunity to travel on Global Village trips. Meeting a new group of people each time and seeing the impact the experience has on them is amazing to see.

What has challenged you?

Not being able to do more. Everyday life and time constraints mean that I can’t volunteer as much, or as regularly as I’d like.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met in Habitat and why? (This can be a donor, customer, fellow volunteer or staff member.)

The ReStore staff have so much time for all their volunteers. They never get tired of the endless questions and queries. It’s great to get a chance to interact with them every week makes my experience so wonderful.

What’s the thing that inspires you most about Habitat’s work?

That Habitat is working every single day around the world. The people who have dedicated their lives to Habitat’s work are my inspiration, and I am so blessed to be involved with this charity.

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