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‘Step Forward’ is a new resource developed by Habitat NI for Scouts to meet the requirements of the new Community Impact Staged Activity Badge.

Habitat NI is delighted to partner with Belfast County Scout Council to develop ‘Step Forward’, a resource to enable Scouts to become agents of change by encouraging critical thinking about the undefinedworld and inspiring action to help make a difference.

The activities and resources are available below.

If you have questions and require a hard copy of this resource contact us today:

Telephone: 028 92 635 635

Download the activity section in full. 

Or by level: 

Introduction to the Step Forward Resource

Stage 1: Beaver Scout Level 

Stage 2: Cub Scout Level 

Stage 3: Scout Level 

Stage 4: Explorer Scout and Scout Network Level

Appendix A PowerPoint: Photographs of Shacks
Appendix B Videos: Habitat Case Studies - Malawi, Ethiopia and Lesotho  
Appendix C Example of what a Primary School did
Appendix D Video of Belfast County Scouts Team in Ethiopia 2015
Appendix E Sponsor Sheet example for Hands Up for Habitat
Appendix F Sponsor Ideas
Appendix G PowerPoint: Habitat Overview
Appendix H Quiz Number 1
Appendix I Quiz Number 1 Answers
Appendix J PowerPoint: Photographs of Habitat homes
Appendix K Video: Habitat Lesotho Case Study
Appendix L Upstanding Case Study - document and audio 
Appendix M Video: Power of One
Appendix N Colour Run Fundraising Case Study
Appendix O PowerPoint: Restore - What is it all about?
Appendix P Volunteer Opportunities with Habitat
Appendix Q Beaver Scout record of assessment log sheet
Appendix R Cub Scout record of assessment log sheet
Appendix S Scout Level record of assessment log sheet
Appendix T Explorer Scout + Scout Network Level record of assessment log sheet

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