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Habitat ReStore doesn't just help on a global scale. It also has a positive, lasting impact on our local community.

A safe environment to gain skills and confidence:


Volunteers have invested more than 40,000 hours into making ReStore successful. 38% of our volunteers are on supported placements through our partner organisations, including Action Mental Health, the Cedar Foundation, the Probation Board, and Stepping Stones. 

ReStore is also a unique inter-generational workplace, where people of all ages and abilities are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential. For example, retired volunteers provide mentor support for younger or vulnerable volunteers which, in the process, provides a renewed sense of purpose.

Find out more about volunteering at ReStore here.

A positive impact on the environmentundefined

Tons of reusable material is diverted from landfill, helping build a more sustainable Northern Ireland.

Learn more about the global impact of Habitat here.

To find our more about how you can get involved with ReStore click here, or follow us on Twitter, or on Facebook at Lisburn, NewtownardsBallymena and Newry.

Read about some of our partnerships which support volunteers to gain skills and change their lives:

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