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Escape Room

The COVID pandemic continues to impact all of our lives, creating heartbreak for some, worry for many and for those at risk of abuse or exploitation, fear.

The economic impact, especially for the vulnerable is likely to be felt for years to come, globally up to 115 million people could be dragged back into extreme poverty. We can be thankful to be safe at home but the reality of lockdown, and the uncertainty as we continue to navigate this COVID world has made this past year tough for many people.

All of us have had to rethink how we live; working from home, being socially distant when we shop, how to zoom and how to home school our families. We can be optimistic about the vaccine rollout but where we are right now, with hospitals across the country stretched almost beyond capacity and a continued growth in cases, is challenging.

Habitat’s mission to build a world where everyone has a safe place to live has never been more important, and finding new ways to engage people across Ireland is critical. We are excited to launch Habitat’s Virtual Escape Room, and would love to have your help in encouraging your club members to play.

Join Habitat for Humanity and travel the world, without leaving your home, in this new online escape room. Take part in fun games and exciting challenges, as you learn more about global development and Habitat’s work with the most vulnerable. The game is free to play and great fun! So get together with family or connect online and challenge colleagues, friends or classmates.


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