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Welcome to Habitat’s Global Education Toolkit  

Building on the success of Habitat Ireland's face-to-face educational programmes, Habitat is inviting educators from across Ireland to engage with an exciting new Global Education toolkit. The toolkit contains a range of FREE ONLINE subject specific curriculum-linked resources, which provide knowledge, practical educational tools and activities for Key Stage 2 and above.

The toolkit is flexible to the needs of the educator and can be adapted depending on subject of interest, time constraints, delivery setting or group size.  We believe it will be useful to a wide range of educators in both formal and non-formal education settings.

The overall aim of the toolkit is to inform, educate, raise awareness and inspire action in relation to global issues among young people. 

Habitat's Global Education Toolkit

Choose from six modules which cover a variety of subjects; Connected Learning, Construction & the Built Environment, Geography, Learning for Life & Work, Religious Studies & KS2.

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