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Donate now to help families whose lives have been devastated by floods in Kerala, India.

Kerala Floods

The state of Kerala, Southern India, has been devastated by torrential rains, overflowing rivers and a series of landslides. More than 380 people have lost their lives, more than 100,000 individuals have been displaced and nearly 54,000 homes have been washed away in the floods.

For 35 years, Habitat India has helped more than 200,000 families in need of decent housing across 20 states in India.

Habitat for Humanity India has also helped 250,000 individuals rebuild their lives in the aftermath of disasters so is well placed to respond in Kerala. Our Pathway to Permanence model places the affected families on a path to durable, permanent and sustainable disaster resilient shelter solutions.

Habitat India Response to Kerala Floods

Immediate Response: Humanitarian Aid Kits for 10,000 families

Emergency kitIn the longer term we will support more than 2,000 families to rebuild/repair their homes and lives.

Humanitarian kits including basic necessities (tarpaulin sheets, nylon ropes, water filters, a kitchen set, sleeping mats, blankets, towels and other hygiene essentials) cost around £100.

Whatever you could afford would make a difference, we urgently need your help to reach as many families as possible.

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